blog. A daily or weekly web diary maintained by an individual with a grossly over-inflated sense of insight. (courtesy thought catalog)

i believe that we should live lives thoughtfully, whatever that means.  i hope this blog will be somewhat inappropriate and irreverent.  i hope that it will make you think about things in a different light.  maybe involving numbers.  i believe the best way of combating the dark side of humanity is understanding it rather than ignoring it.  principal tenets of the blog: i believe in understanding why we do things.  i believe that life and happiness are not easy and do require a fair amount of intention.  in some ways, i’m like a robot in the sense that i need to understand and explain everything in a well defined logical system, but i think i’m also a lot more emotional than i would care to be.

this blog will include:

  • various ideas that i think are fresh/different
  • treatises on things that you would have never thought about
  • ranting
  • epic moments in my life
  • things i like on the internet

blogging is a medium where i’m allowed be narcissistic and a jackass.  i promise i will be nice to you in real life.  i apologize in advance.


One thought on “About

  1. matt says:

    hello! i came across your blog when i was searching for edc attire. i wound up really enjoying your posts about life, and of course enjoyed all your food pics! hope all is well =)

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