life’s 3 accomplishments

someone asked me for my three biggest accomplishments in life.  my response:

i know it’s cheating but i’m going to go with thematic life change accomplishments:

1) running a half in 1:34 (7:11 pace).  probably the most “accomplish-y” of the 3, it’s a damn good time that i’m really proud of myself for achieving.  but more generally, taking vanity more seriously (half facetious), training at running and achieving my goals, exploring many other types of exercise and overcoming my fear of the gym/bros, and being more comfortable with the way i look. 

2) doing dance marathon (a 24 hr dance fundraiser).  not really that impressive on the face of it but a lot more reflective of my personality transformation, where i was scared of everyone at high school and avoided dancing at all costs.  i learned the value of being silly and approaching people and being effusive.  just like being an RA, i would have never guessed in high school that i would have been that person in college but i loved dancing/being an RA and the person that it allowed me to be.  i still continued to be awkward well after college but it was the first big step that got the ball rolling.  

3) gaywakening.  loosely defined as the 6 month period where i went from never having been to the castro to circuit parties with a gay majority of friends.  i had just broken up with then boyfriend, i realized i was still totally uncomfortable with my gayness and really wanted to make that a priority.  and it’s really paid dividends, discovering my “authentic self” and connecting in a deeper way with great people (especially daniel) and having a lot of fun with them (i’m including partying in that one). 

honorable mention: placing really well in some puzzle hunts, incl first in a couple.  relatedly, writing my own puzzle hunts and HBFS.  super fun and proud and rewarding.  

OKAY.  you?


(i also was put on the spot and asked what my biggest mistake in life was.  oof, awkward/tough.  perhaps a blog entry for another day.) (but i do have my canned very, very elaborate answer to biggest regrets in life.)


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