tardiness policy

Quora – How does one stress the importance of being on time to someone that’s perpetually late?
Simple: just realize that it’s one of the most disrespectful, insulting, and blatant demonstrations of irresponsibility you could possibly demonstrate to someone — especially one whom you’re meeting for the first time. That, and it also shows a complete and utter lack of self-respect too, actually, i.e., you don’t even have the discipline to get yourself somewhere on time.

james’s new tardiness policy (tongue in cheek)

fundamentally, for each minute that someone is late, they are required to pay everyone in the group to compensate them for the value of their time.  it’s an easy, formalized way of showing how the person is sorry for being late. 

other details.

  • generally accepted rate is about $0.50/minute.  so if you’re late by 10 minutes, you owe them a coffee.  30 minutes, you owe them dinner.  which i think is fair. 
  • you are allowed a 5 minute grace period
  • if you are late and do not keep the group updated regularly on your estimated arrival time and situation, then there is a 2x kicker
  • only the last person/party has to pay (if they are late).  they are only required to pay for an amount corresponding to the time difference between their arrival and the arrival of the penultimate person/party. 

i was also an hour late to something yesterday, ugh.  IT WAS A REALLY COMPELLING KONG SHOOTERR

ALSO I STRONGLY RECOMMEND GETTING GLYMPSE, the android/iphone app that lets you share your GPS location with other people.  best way to give someone a gauge of how far away you are and give constant updates without actually having to consciously give updates. (via daniel)


One thought on “tardiness policy

  1. phenothebest says:

    I would lose a lot of money… Orz

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