working on my klout score


i haven’t been around!  i’m sorry!

there are several entries i have in the pipeline.  but two reasons why i’ve been out:

  1. i’ve started a TUMBLR.  which i actually really enjoy, maybe even more than normal long-form blogging.  i’m going to cross-post some entries; tumblr is located here.
  2. i’ve been distracted by a guy.  you can yell at him later.

motivations for starting the tumblr:

  • i enjoy microblogging (ie a link + a couple lines of commentary)
  • g-chat statuses weren’t cutting it (hate being hampered by the character limit, hate how fleeting each link is, can’t really capture the meme sharing phenomenon)
  • john r and angeles were both giving me grief about g-chat statuses

i find tumblr way more satisfying, despite grumblings from several people.  whatever. 


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