ode to the mole


what is the mole?

The Mole is a reality television game show which was originally created in 1999 by Woestijnvis and broadcast on VRT in Belgium. Players in The Mole must work together to complete various physical and mental challenges to build up a significant cash prize for the winner. One of them, however, is “the Mole“, a double agent hired by the producers to sabotage the efforts of the group. The Mole must be careful to avoid drawing too much suspicion to himself or herself. Using journals, players must track vast amounts of data about the person(s) they suspect of being the Mole, such as seating positions, clothing colors, minor discussion topics, and so on. The quiz at the end of each episode tests players’ knowledge of the Mole, and determines by lowest score (or slowest time, in the event of a tie) who is eliminated from the game.

patrick was nice enough to lend me the mole (USA) season 1, which i excitedly watched nostalgically.  i cannot emphasize how much i loved this show.  for those website security questions, i always answer the mole as my favorite tv show.  you’re welcome, hackers.  reasons why the show is awesome:

1) awesome soundtrack.  first cd i ever bought.  from amazon.  and then i accidentally clicked the order button twice.  disaster.  feast your ears:

i owned two cd’s in high school, this and a disney best-of.  you were super cool, high school james.

2) the challenges were absolutely bonkers.  they had challenges that i would dream of playing in real life.  my favorites include:

solve various puzzles in a (spanish) library, where tickets are hidden in each book.  each ticket corresponds to a bus stop; you have to beat the bus to the bus stop. 

vlcsnap-2012-02-12-22h08m47s131  vlcsnap-2012-02-04-07h36m35s84vlcsnap-2012-02-04-07h38m07s252
you are guarding an old fort.  at some point between sunset and sunrise, a team of trained operatives will try to knock over the vase.  you are armed with paintball guns. 

3) one of the characters was gay!?!??!  i actually didn’t know about this until after the fact.

his “loved one” is his ex!??!  okay, they make it really obvious in the show.  i really wasn’t paying attention very well. 

4) anderson cooper!!!  anderson cooper!!!!!  he played this steeled host who had to take the show super seriously.  but you could tell he was cuddly (and giggly, apparently) under the surface.  and the mole launched his career and he ended up becoming the largest cable news anchor in the world!!!  something like that. 

the one time he smiles in the show.

5) kathryn, the mole, was human.  (10+ year spoiler alert) but i was watching the bonus reel, and it has two really nice moments of kathryn being really upset, that she had to keep lying to people. 

vlcsnap-2012-02-12-21h52m01s55  vlcsnap-2012-02-11-22h36m49s50

6) THE FINAL CHALLENGE/CS106A CONTEST ENTRY. so the last challenge was absolutely crazy/awesome, where each person is locked in their own hotel room and the clues to get out are hidden in the other people’s hotel rooms.  and i decided to model my cs106a (myst-like point and click adventure game) off of it:

vlcsnap-2012-03-01-22h42m07s233 xylokey

vlcsnap-2012-03-01-22h43m55s87 curtain

vlcsnap-2012-03-01-22h44m40s27 news1
news2 news3

(there’s a copy of “a room with a view” in the drawer, and you need to use binoculars to look outside to see a keycode that is not visible to the naked eye)

title  final
clearly not interested in design at that time.


NOSTALGIA OVER.  this blog needs more fluff entries.


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