modern family season 3 finale (spoilers)

just watched the modern family season 3 finale, which i thought was… fine, decent, but it did have some moments that i wanted to mention:

lily dancing
lily gets stage fright as some sort of metaphor for her not wanting a baby brother or something (i don’t know, wasn’t really paying attention, i don’t find the lily storylines terribly compelling).  but it triggered this flashback of when i was in primary school or something, and i was one of the wise men for the christmas pageant, and i remember freaking out, absolutely mortified of walking in front of the crowd, and my mother pleading with me, bargaining with me to go on stage.  “i’ll get you a surprise!!!” “WHAT IS THE SURPRISE!?!?!??!?!?!” “IT”S SOMETHING THAT YOU REALLY WANT, I CAN”T TELL YOU WHAT IT IS” “JUST TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

i ended up chickening out.  but if there’s any “damn, mothers/my mother put in so much heart and soul in their kids/me” moment, it’s that. 

cameron sad
mitchell (jesse tyler ferguson) is really frustrated with the adoption search and how he puts in so much effort with minimal payoff.  “i am just SO TIRED, cam!!…” an extraordinary acting job from JTF, my heart definitely grew a little bit watching the performance.  but haven’t we all felt like we’ve put in so much effort in something with not the expected payoff and just wanted to run into a field out of frustration/exhaustion/insanity in the middle of the night.  just makes me want to reach out and give him a hug.  life!… 

mitch: ugh, i think i’m laying on a rock
cam: i’m laying next to mine

cam to the rescue in a nice role juxtaposition.  laying on a field at night and looking into the stars; one of my favorite activities. 

and a significant other as your rock.  definitely appealing. 


side note, but television is so much more often so much more compelling than movies.  it definitely wins as an entertainment medium.  (don’t get me started.)


One thought on “modern family season 3 finale (spoilers)

  1. phenothebest says:

    hahaha, now I know why this discussion was brought up…Orz

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