james’s new philosophy toward life and other relevant phrases

[quick note: HEY!  i haven’t blogged in awhile!  i’m sorry.  i know i am not upholding my end of the social contract.  feel free to subscribe via rss feed or email.]

Jerome: strop trying to make fetch/ clutch happen 😛
    haha.. actually when i use to visit california.. i used to bring back words to kentucky that i  
         thought were cool 😦
    totally got rejected..now I am projecting onto you.. sorry 🙂
    Like “Fresh” and “raw”

there are a handful of reasons why i enjoy blogging/think blogging is important, one of which being the ability to go back and having it serve as a time capsule for not only my thoughts, but also my friends, activities, and VERNACULAR.  so here goes: (from most serious to least serious)

“in a perfectly enlightened world…” – lately this idea has been crossing my mind a lot lately, and somewhat has been guiding the other blog entries that will be coming out later.  february was quite fun, but quite dark, and these have been the things that i have been thinking about.  but the idea is that we/i just get hung up on stupid things and we could be living life so much more productively.  and such, here are the tenets of this world:

  1. rationality above all.  rational emotions are fine, but irrational emotions should be minimized.  especially the feeling of being “butthurt” or being upset about something you shouldn’t feel bad about.
  2. people are doing their best.  give other people the benefit of the doubt.  understand that people can/should fight for their self-interest (in general), even if it comes at the expense of your self-interest.
  3. no expectations for anything.  everything is always changing.
  4. focus on solutions, not assigning blame.  pointing fingers is the worst.  no excuses.  take full responsibility for your actions
  5. happiness is your decision and your responsibility
  6. everything doesn’t reallllly matter.  don’t sweat the small stuff.  and, yeah, maybe a little bit existential

my mom was telling me this story about how her and one her (few, close) friends had a huge falling out over basically an unfortunate situation. and i largely regard the mark/wendy fallout as an unfortunate situation as well.  just reminds me how friendships can be so delicate and fragile sometimes and bad situations can bring out the worst in us.  emotions are just so powerful and damning and potentially (and arguably pointlessly) destructive, but the idea is to stave off the negative effects of emotions and allow me to handle whatever may come. 

“everything is a decision” – coined by angeles.  inspired tenet #5, tangentially tenet #4.  but if you’re sad/frustrated/in a shitty situation, you need to make a personal decision to change things in your life (or make a decision to “change your emotions”, which… can be difficult).  used in a counseling, quasi tough love context. 

“make it happen” (MIH) – can be a dismissive statement, but generally used to get the person to get over their excuses and convert their thoughts into reality.  closely related to “what’s the worst thing that could happen?!”

“let’s be real” (LBR) – basically my version of angeles’s “don’t try to bullshit a bullshitter.” when people are just not being true to themselves and saying stuff that is ludicrous, it’s a way to call them out.  or just be honest about the darker side of humanity.  e.g., “looks matter a lot, LBR”

“look at you”/”look at me” (LAY/LAM)  – sort of a verbal pat on the back for accomplishing something. 

“i’m sold/not sold on X” – whether or not you would vouch for someone/something.  as in, “i am not sold on todd.” it has come to the point now where if you ask sean s his opinion on anything, he will describe it in the lens of how ‘sold’ (mocking single-apostrophes!!?) he is on it. 

“disaster” – usually used facetiously, e.g., “ugh, wore a black belt with brown shoes, what a disaster.”

“jerk” – term of affection used during sassy bantering.  via piefolk, who usually ends all posts with “jerk”. 

“!?!?!?!??!” – picked up during conversation with dave, but we basically end declarative statements (both verbally and on chat) with multiple !?’s.  which is weird and probably not a good habit to develop, but it’s fun and an easy way to make conversation more ridiculous.  i did get this though: “if it’s a fact, why does it end with a question mark?” DOESN’T GET IT


2 thoughts on “james’s new philosophy toward life and other relevant phrases

  1. Bri says:

    so glad the blog has returned after its hiatus. i feel so much more motivated re: life?!?!?!?!?!

    re: we could be living life so much more productively… is living ‘productively’ our end goal? (note use of mocking single-apostrophes). producing what? getting what more done? or just wasting less time/emotions on things not worth our time/emotions?

    i’ve been frequenting a buddhist mediatation group, and one of the main concepts is everything is our own responsibility. if we are upset, it is not the fault of the person/situation who made us upset, but up to us, since it is we ‘chose’ to be upset. talk about tough love. but it is refreshing to realize we have the power to chose/make our happiness and not leave the responsibility to external circumstances/situations/people.

    have realized i am way overdue on my dashboard renewal ugh. hopefully will get back to you within the day with my progress/updated db.

  2. james says:

    hahahaha…. good use of the !?!??!?! and mocking single-apostrophes….

    productively, as in, making progress personally or within relationships or in life. just part of a general school of thought that you should just strive for things to get better instead of being in a quagmire of whatever you’re stuck in, specifically maybe being down on yourself or down on whatever negative relationship is in your life?

    BUT YES, EVERYTHING IS A DECISION!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 thanks for the comment

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