people who can read me well, episode 1

always surprised when people A) pay attention to me, and B) connect current events with history in a manner that not even i had thought of.  two heartslap-worthy moments:

You’d love it up here today though. The crowd of die hards who have been waiting 6 weeks for this. There was cheering when the lifts opened. Lots of ecstatic, energetic conversations on the lift lines. Definitely an electric feeling in the air. 😀

fairly nuanced statement?  can’t believe he remembered.  i guess a nontrivial amount of nostalgia also factors into this. 

Sean: look up and listen to that song!!! [chumbawamba’s “I get knocked down” was mentioned earlier]
James: UGH
S: do it first
J: i’ve heard it before
kissing the night away
S: what does the chorus say?
there’s more
J: ughhh
S: it says:
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…danny boyyyyyyyy…danny boyyyyyyyyyy…. DANNY BOYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY……I GET KNOCKED DOWN ……….
J: nice
S: why don’t you ever just listen to me in the first place
J: i should listen to you more
S: i.e. your new anthem
J: clearly the answer
assuming DB writes me back
or i message him
i need to appear cool
S: there is no song for jared
J: i’m cool
S: or slogan
or howl
J: hahahaha

probably doesn’t hurt that we spend more time with each other than anyone else (except for maybe him and fiance).  and he has to deal with my stream of thought neuroses.  the rapidfire was honestly incredible.  i will be really sad if/when we stop working together.


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