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my new year was spent with high school friends at anna’s, where we did the annual new years/anna’s birthday celebration.  while drinking was kept to a minimum, the food was overwhelming; we had delicious cookies (anzac biscuits, greek cookies), tuna tartare (courtesy evan and lauren), and a incredible spread of snack food (courtesy trader joes).  a lot of great catching up, stories, and that weird “i don’t really know what i did to deserve this or why i feel this way, but i do!!!!!” caring/warmth.  we actually missed the countdown because we were too busy playing salad bowl and in a room where the clock was slow, but i would like to say that it is worth it (though i did deprive all three couples of the new years kiss, whoops).  salad bowl was a ton of fun; tough ones include “political action committee” and “innocuous appearing questions”.  nick was sorely missed.

two videos that have to deal with the new year and other assorted things and then assorted things about those assorted things.  my own personal 2012/2011 retrospective entry coming up later.

1) low budget, high chemistry vocal duets.  i’m coining this genre.  KNOWING GLANCES!!  if only i could sing/etc/etc.  three videos:

courtesy sean h.  this got 6 million views in 4 days, are you kidding me!?  they are very cute, and very beautiful.  not sold on JGL until this video.

so smug.  so jealous, danny!!

jed whedon and maurissa.  incredibly cute.  okay, favorite food songs is actually their best work, but the above is just so quirky and wonderful, i had to pick it.  this song also got a fair amount of airtime this summer.

No I kid I kid.  We love her so much that when we don’t get to hang with her in person, we do this:

maurissa actually legitimately has lupus, that disease that people/i always make fun of in that it’s mentioned at least once per house episode.  but she actually has a blog where she discusses her life and lupus treatment.  it’s inspiring and heartwarming and cute and wonderful and all that good stuff. 

Pretty fuckin’ wild, right?  It was kinda fun to break these puppies out in social situations.  Who knew pitting edema would be my cool party trick?

Anyway, my feet are fine now as you saw in my previous post.  I’m able to wear my absurdly large assortment of shoes once again.  I’m feeling like my normal self which does make it hard to resist my turbocharger tendencies.  Thankfully I have Jed to rein me in when I try to run about town like a total healthy person.  There are many other reasons to be thankful for that guy, so many I have to pinch myself.  I know, I know – barf.

spicing it up – one of my favorite entries.  worth a fully copy paste, i think.  fuck you, it’s my blog. 

I know I’m a lazy blogger. But in my defense, I’m kinda going through some stuff. Not that anyone is giving me any flack at all. I’ve just been feeling guilty about posting a Youtube video from two years ago, in which Jed and I sing about a sandwich, and trying to pass that off as a legitimate post. It makes me very happy that you like the song but come on, talk about phoning it in…

Not the song. The song took days of unwavering discipline and is worthy of your praise.

Anyway, back to my self-inflicted guilt. I really do enjoy adding to this… whatever this is… therapeutic rant about my current life situation? But lately, I haven’t been feeling sad about it, or even frustrated, or scared. I’m basically just bored. Bored of the everyday routine that comes with being a sick person. The shit hit the fan in mid-April and now we’re in July.  At this point, I feel I don’t have anything insightful to say about any of it.  I’m just living this way.  And it’s fucking boring.

So Jed suggested that I try something new. Spice things up. What better way to do that, than let him take over my blog. Right now. As me:

Hey peeps!!! 🙂 Mo here. Just girling it up!!! Been a while since I wrote, I know. But to be honest, I have been laughing my butt off for a couple weeks straight. You’d think being cooped up with your husband for the summer would totally blow, but not if your husband is fucking hilarious!!! I mean, he does these LOL goofy bits all the time (LOL means laugh out loud by the way) and they just kill me! I try to play it cool by rolling my eyes and saying things like “okay I get it” or “stop” or “I will pay you cash to fuck off”, but inside I’m dying laughing and he can totally tell.

Not that he’s a clown.  I would never want to give you that impression.  His unfathomable humor is only one piece of his complex yet somehow grounded personality. He can be mysterious like James Dean must have been.  He can be dangerous and surprisingly strong considering his svelte frame. And at times, he is almost sage-like in his Zen approach to things. Sort of like a monk. The kind of monk who knows karate. Or like Sting! Yeah, he’s like a younger Sting. In more ways than one if you know what I mean. 😉 Not that you guys want to hear about our sex life, yuck!!! But it’s really good and he lasts for hours.

Anyhoozlies, gotsta run! Jed’s birthday is coming up and I have to rush out and spend like a thousand hundred dollars on his presents. I won’t spoil the multiple surprises in case he reads this, but I will say that no one else should send him the Cleveland Launcher Ultralite TL 310 driver with the graphite shaft and matching head cover. Just in case.

Time to go play with my boobs. BYE!

haha, i think that i might be the only one who is TOTALLY SOLD by this video.  fine, guy isn’t a great singer, but the low budget and chemistry totally make it for me. 

2) google zeitgeist 2011 year in review video

the reason i like this so much, apart from it making me cry tears of unbiased emotion, is that it highlights the year’s occurrences without judgment, and the ultimate message is one of hope and progress. as corrupt, depressing, unfair, unequal, and complex as our world may be, and as much as we may be frustrated by our inability to make it all better right away, we are still moving forward. and that inspires optimism.
–angeles (nice.)

so… i found this video, thinking it would be … i don’t know, not really expecting anything notable.  and it was really good!  and moving!  tons of really great moments, i remember tearing up in the image of the dad at the 9/11 memorial and really tearing up when the woman hears her voice for the first time, and you see her cry tears of joy.  AND THEN THE DADT GUY CLOSED THE VIDEO, and it was just totally unexpected and emotional and all over, and i started crying in my office.  (for the record, the last two times i can remember crying: the final steve carrell episode (may 2011) and breaking up with chris (june 2010).) other really nice moments in the video: mom being surprised by son and japanese soccer team celebrating. 

other random comments:

–the video has several pretty clever moments.  my two favorites: at 0:18, the zooming with the timing with the music, and the pairing of obama talking about killing osama with the 9/11 memorial photo. 

–i mean, in the end, it’s a really solid overview (“commercial”, fine) of google products, right?!  you can see how much stuff looks nicer/how google has very different products than it had a year ago.  2010 google zeitgeist video

–i do feel a little bit conned, because i do think it’s a format that is very good at manipulating emotions.  just pair a really powerful song with really emotional scenes, and you’re done?! 

–aren’t all these videos all the same?  i mean, how do you summarize a year that is consistent with everyone’s view of how the year went?  you just end up distilling it down to really basic human storylines?  i mean, 1) struggle, and 2) achievement.  that’s the basic theme of all these videos, right? 

–there were two 2011 photosets that i thought were stunning: 1) atlantic – in focus – year in review in photos and 2) buzzfeed – most powerful photos of 2011.  the first photo in the photodump at the end of the google video is this image of a coffin and a dog, which was picked up by both of the above photosets and actually has a pretty awesome backstory:

In this television frame grab from KIMT in Mason City, Iowa, slain Navy SEAL Jon Tumilson’s dog Hawkeye lays next to his casket during funeral services in Rockford, Iowa, on August 19, 2011. Tumilson, age 35, was one of 30 American soldiers killed in Afghanistan on August 6 when their helicopter was shot down during a mission to help fellow troops who had come under fire.

(okay, fine, vancouver riot kissing is still the favorite.  but cmon, dog anthropomorphizing is also awesome.)

lorem ipsum
lorem ipsum hahaha…. wonder if that was intentional.  or an accident.


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  1. phenothebest says:

    I liked all these videos! nice! 🙂

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