hunger games trailer

would like to post something a bit more lighthearted.  may i present the first theatrical trailer for THE HUNGER GAMES:

lots and lots of trailer dissections – really, 30 distinct points on a 150 second trailer.  that’s something unique to say for every 5 seconds of trailer.  agree with the piece overall, though i want to mention that i felt extreme validation when reading that they also felt that the fence was the most/only disappointing thing.  but you’ll get 90% of my thoughts off this list. 

other thoughts

i have heard really great things about josh hutcherson (emphatic heartslap for sean s) as peeta.  love this face.  i mean, obviously a hutcherson fanboy, but really think he has this look nailed. 

Fullscreen capture 11192011 114223 PM
i think this idea was done really well in the movie.  the hunger games proper are told entirely from katniss’s perspective, but it will be fun looking from the perspective of the outsiders. 

Fullscreen capture 11192011 114226 PM
Fullscreen capture 11192011 114220 PMFullscreen capture 11192011 114229 PM
spear-throwing and running IS SO FREAKING DRAMATIC. 

Fullscreen capture 11192011 114158 PM
#teamcato?  dude, that girl next to him looks legit too.  clove? 

ew had this really fun comparison of jennifer lawrence in two really epic conversations about life with a potential love interest on a weird ledge.  lol.  source: ew

thoughts about movie trailers

i want to quickly note that i’m really, really glad they show us basically nothing from the hunger games proper.  that it didn’t really spoil the meat of the movie.  i think pixar is pretty incredible at this.  i think they’re lucky because they can rely on word of mouth to get people to watch their movies even if the trailers are boring, but the ONLY thing you learn from the UP trailer is that a house flies away with balloons and the wall-e trailer basically tells you that the earth has become a wasteland with no reference of any human. 

the worst example i always talk about is the paranormal activity 1 trailer, which i watched approximately 50 times.  PA1 has precisely 3 scary “jump”y moments.  2 of them are in the trailer.  really think i would have appreciated the movie way more without the trailer.  angeles and i were talking about xmen: first class today, and it really bothered me that they basically have the “flying submarine” scene from the climax of the movie in the trailer!  cmon guys. 

in a nice reversal, the PA3 teaser trailer featured one really great “jump” scare, BUT THAT SCENE WASN’T EVEN IN THE MOVIE!!!  they created extra content for the trailer so that they wouldn’t spoil anything in the movie!  awesome. 

not sure how i feel about the “i DEFINITELY need to read this before watching the movie!!!!” crowd

wouldn’t it be fun to have all the plot twists spoiled by the movie!?  and NOT have to walk out of the movie saying “the book was WAY better, JEEZ”, like i will likely be doing? 

anyway.  will definitely, definitely be doing a midnight showing on 3/22 thursday.  see you there.

battle royale being re-released to ride on hunger games coattails

love battle royale as well.  stories are marginally different if you want to split hairs, but great, unique moments in both stories. 


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