these are a few of my romantic things


prompt inspired by patrick, some things that i associate with “romantic” or a treasureworthy moment, pulling a bit from sean/chris:

  • being cold and outside, wearing a hoodie at night, arm over shoulder or some variation
  • when i’m really stressed/upset/feeling helpless, a great hug or cuddle.  or just a great hug/cuddle in general 
  • holding hands (when the moment is right) and him bringing up your hand to kiss it, ugh
  • brokeback mountain hug (above).  bonus points for a campfire
  • picking me up from the airport outside the security gate. bonus points for knowing my exact favorite permutation of subway sub (probably one of the most romantic things chris did for me, was totally impressed)
  • when they share in something that you’re really passionate about (e.g., survivor, puzzle hunts, exercise, friends, etc)
  • when you act as a really good team together/when they show that they have your back and will pick up the slack/fix problems, be at cause.  see: diamond dash, throwing parties, general crisis management
  • notes/secret notes that you discover later in wallets/jeans pockets/etc.  spontaneous compliments. 
  • when you get me gifts/buy things/are generous. 
  • dancing in a drunken haze together (they have to be a good dancer though).  making out on the dance floor (they have to be a good kisser though). 
  • when they make you feel unconventionally sexy.  which, let’s face it, is really the only way i can be sexy, lol.  sean i don’t think actually understands the english language/the written word, but he once replied to this one email (that discussed groupon) with “that’s the sexiest thing you’ve done”, which… hahaha, okay, can be taken a variety of ways.  jeez, why is anyone attracted to you, james. 

it’s funny how these can be really powerful if you like the guy/feel the same way, but can often make the relationship way worse if you don’t like the guy. 

i think one of the best things about this list is that it’s constantly evolving.  like i’m not going to lie, i think i’ve pretty much overdone the first one, but it’s almost the novelty/surprise of what a significant other will do that makes a moment special, not necessarily the actual actions. 

hopefully i touched on all the different “love languages”. 

parts of me wanted to treasure this for myself, but what is blogging without sharing your most intimate secrets: jared and i were at underground sf, just met him.  thought he was the most attractive guy to ever dance with me, sort of this weird “should i be pinching myself” moment.  we chat, we dance, etc etc.  night is winding down, and the DJ is playing the last song, which ends up being “since u been gone”.  “THIS IS MY ANTHEM!” jared exclaims, and starts singing along.  i mouth along the words, because, let’s be real, all everyone really knows is “since you been goneeeeeee”, and then just yells at the top of their lungs. 

so we get to this one part of the song, and jared looks deep into my eyes with his smile, and sings “how come i never hear you say, i just wanna be with you”, and puts his index finger on my chest, like he’s serenading me.  anyway, all over, love him until i die, the end. 

anyways, sure this is one of those “you had to be there” moments.  but it was honestly all over. 


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