love is deaf


photo of the [beautiful] bicep of jeremiah van g of maleminded. the blog that I think is the cleverest thing in the world.  not to say that it’s exactly a revolutionary idea; talk is cheap, actions speak louder than words, “show, don’t tell.”

don’t remember a lot from TIP (this summer camp I did in middle school), but I took this writing class (“writing with power [WPOW]”) and that was the one mantra that was the secret to great [writing].

it’s difficult to explain why I love maleminded so much.  I think his stuff is reasonably clever and fun, but I think he’s this incredibly unique blend of bro/player who is also incredibly romantic and not obsessed with having a lot of sex with a lot of random people.  he’s gone through a lot of shit in his life, yet he’s still able to approach life with a really positive, humble attitude.  I think the maturity you would have to have to understand and internalize this idea that so many people my age and older totally don’t understand is incredible. 

it’s probably personal so you dont have to answer but why did your parents kick you out? 😦


my step dad who my mom met on the internet accused me of domestic violence against him when i was 15.and since there was no evidence against me but his word, the cops said that only one of us could live in that house due to possible problems in the future. so they told her she had to choose. so she chose him and kicked me out.


I actually no idea what the context of this quote is whatsoever.  but it was applicable.  (courtesy merci pour le chocolat/tri)

I mean, otherwise, it’s a pretty basic idea. 

love languages.  angeles brings up a good point that there are many ways for people to express love, and you just need to be able to be open to the way they express it.  languages include:

  • verbal
  • taking action
  • effort/energy
  • money
  • time

mark and wendy.  I guess this just comes across as being bitter, but … ever since mark/wendy got together, I was sort of hurt by the way they withdrew themselves.  and on the one hand, it was understandable because that’s what happens when you first get in a relationship, but there were times when I definitely felt that I didn’t matter very much to them anymore, but I would keep hearing, “oh, mark REALLY wants things to go back to the way they were” or “oh, wendy REALLY cares a lot about you.” but as much as they talked the talk, never felt that they really walked the walk.  and it’s frustrating because that part of me finds it very difficult to believe them.  because I have full confidence that they know exactly how to pursue me if they wanted to.

maya angelou. different spin:

People will forget what you said
People will forget what you did
But people will never forget how you made them feel.

gets a little bit more meta.  it’s not even what you say or what you do, it’s how you make the other person feel.  totally hits home, I definitely remember so much more of the emotions of google games or dance marathon or the dancetronauts or the haunted house than exactly what happened.  I think it’s really significant as a planner as well, because I can make people do really epic things, but if they are like “damn, this is really scary/unpleasant/long/not what I enjoy”, that’s what they’re going to take away and not what they did. 

anyway, suffice to say that I’m a huge believer, and want to thank jeremiah for making me more accountable for my actions, so that I don’t lie to myself, so that I know better how I should act. 

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