things I’m thankful for – September 28, 2011

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we will… continue this discourse on a later date… good night.

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haha.  glad community is back.  nothing like it. 

I think this is really the most opportune time for me to talk about my life generally.  lately, still been in whatever funk I’ve been in.  part of me feels like I’m going a little bit crazy, shouting “what the fuck is the POINT!??!” like a crazy person as I walk down the street (did this to thomas the other night, whoops.  and then apologized profusely).  haha.  and so it goes.  work, friends, studying, dating.  (that said, there have been high points lately; exercising, hanging out with angeles, first giants game, barcraft, nice interactions with chris, tri, jackie, mike, estela, etc).   something is missing or I’m unmotivated or something something something.  week 3 at this point?  who knows.  okay, lack the desire/energy for introspection into that right now.  I even tried to buy a lululemon hoodie to make me feel better, didn’t quite cut it! 

“I mean, PEOPLE ARE DYING IN AFRICA, JAMES.  why am I going crazy over THIS?!?!?!”

I read two things that were sort of tearjerkers the other day.  just to put things in perspective. – chat history 

(this is best read when accompanied by the following song)

Me: got her email
oh my god
they’re going to do it
Clark: whenever Kitano does something totally rad i play that “Are you ready for the sex girls” song from Revenge of the Nerds in my head
tell her that.
Clark: i should make her a mix tape

[spoiler alert]

Now I live with my best friend, Cella. Some days I go to send her a message, searching for her name and the colored dot that accompanies it. I’ll try her even if she appears offline, because I need to tell her I’ll pick up coffee on the way home or ask if I can open the wine she left in the fridge.

And there it is: his name is right under hers. I move the cursor over it, and the thumbnail pops up with all of his information. His address, clarkstatehood@gmail. com. His icon, a photo of Patrick Swayze from Road House. A little gray dot, just like the one next to Cella’s name. As if he’s just not available to chat at the moment.

Clark is offline.

clever format; epitome of showing, not telling.  insight into him as a person that you would never get otherwise.

tough mudder norcal – most respect recipients

Ramsey Lewis

Every day that Ramsey wakes up and steps into the gym is an accomplishment in itself. Ramsey has received a heart transplant and due to the medications to not reject his new heart, he got cancer – all before the age of 20. Ramsey set daily goals – like get to prom, get a driver’s license and get to the gym everyday! 10 years later Ramsey has done things his mother thought would never be accomplished; 5 months ago we welcomed our 3rd child! Ramsey now works at a top transplant hospital as a Respiratory Therapist, sharing his own experience and accomplishments with his patients and giving hope to children faced with transplants and in fear of missing their next football game. Ramsey continues to focus on keeping his body healthy and is taking on his first race ever…the Tough Mudder. His teammates are proud to stand next to him on event day…and try to keep up with him.

it’s always nice to have perspective; it’s incredible the things we can get over; I cannot imagine going through any of these without the support of someone.  hmmm

at least we are not being attacked by zombies

from the trailer that launched a little girl zombie out a window and into our hearts

absolutely beautiful video game trailer that went viral.  clever storytelling.  refreshing tone/style.  EMOTIONALLY COMPELLING.  (lionsgate recently purchased movie rights to this game/game trailer)


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