one of the better “how we met” stories

I’ve been perched in front of a dating slot machine this past year; pulling the lever over and over again, encouraging myself to keep going out because I might be just one spin away from the jackpot.

thought catalog (beautiful metaphor, not great essay)

Burning Man 2011

jane worked at fresh food, a restaurant, at the time, and they would get packages delivered pretty regularly from UPS.  fresh food had a pretty regular delivery guy.  people had noticed him, jane had noticed him, but you can’t really hit on your delivery guy.  anyway, jane was dating someone at the time.  todd, the delivery guy, noticed jane as well, but he had to be professional.  it didn’t help that todd was a little bit shy, but he still made sure that he would always be the guy going to fresh food, even switching routes with coworkers.

jane left fresh food in the meantime and went to pursue a smattering of jobs and boyfriends and didn’t think that she would see todd ever again.  one day, as part of running her errands, she had to return to fresh food, and who happens to be there but todd.  freed from the shackles of employment and a boyfriend, she went up to todd and had a pleasant conversation.  “hey there” “hey… did you used to work here?” ‘”yeah… I’m jane” “I know, you signed packages for me every week”.  jane took care of her business and left fresh food, but ended up pacing outside the restaurant, debating whether or not to pursue todd or talk to him further or get his number or SOMETHING.  I mean, was this a sign from fate?

and so she made a deal with destiny! she would continue running her errands, and if, on her way back, he was still delivering packages in the area and she saw him, then she had to ask him out.

she went out on her errands, came back, and lo and behold, to her pleasant surprise and chagrin, the truck was still there.  a deal’s a deal, and she walked up, and goes “hey… I don’t know if this is being too forward, but… do you want to grab coffee at some point?” todd flashes a smile. “no, that would not be forward at all.”



  • serendipity beats looking for love any day
  • that said, you still have to put yourself out there and take life by the horns

ps, the lead shot is from the most incredible, gorgeous photo set by scott london of burning man 2011.  the rest are here. not sure if it makes me want to go to burning man, but the photos are incontrovertibly unique and beautiful.  (courtesy angeles)

Burning Man 2011

are you kidding me?!  beautiful clouds, a fantasitical structure in the middle of the desert?

Burning Man 2011

love this idea of an installation (how did the person get wood of all different sizes and weathered-ness!?), love the sun.  distortion effects totally add to this photo.

Burning Man 2011

really cool composition of this photo.  and subject matter.

Burning Man 2011

ugh, what the fuck?!?!  absolutely incredible.  mindblowing.


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