random slice of the internet – september 15, 2011

my phone broke because i threw it off a balcony.  it was terrible.  chris hooked me up with jeremy who got me the phone i am currently using. (looks like samsung fixed the phone?!!?  point to the really clumsy consumer)

but seriously, how do you expect me not to be totally awkward rather than semi-awkward in social situations without a smartphone?!?!  is that the number 1 thing that i’ll miss?  (that, and casual photographs, portable video player)

courtesy SMBC(a delightfully subversive and dark comic) and victor.

joeribosma flickr – photo-a-day blog

i think it’s really inspiring, from a photo quality/technical/artistic standpoint (colors, composition), as well as a disciplined/practice standpoint (to do something for 365 days) and actually setting up/posing shots (something that i don’t really think about but should probably do more of).  anyway, I aspire to do something like this.

kickstarter – zombies, run! iphone/android app

Zombies, Run! is an ultra-immersive game for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android where you help rebuild civilisation after a zombie apocalypse. By going out and running in the real world, you can collect medicine, ammo, batteries, and spare parts that you can use to build up and expand your base – all while getting orders, clues, and story through your headphones.

I love anything zombies; I love any running app; I love augmented reality/zombie storytelling.  I think there’s a huge amount of potential in this.  super clever.

the irony of yoga fashion and its gusseted crotch of higher consciousness

In other words, yoga is freedom from the incessant and obnoxious trappings of the ego—which, of course, very much include sporty fashion. And profit margins. And stock prices. And opening kicky little stores so fast you make Starbucks look like Walmart.

But, you know, whatever. This is America (and apparently Canada). Misappropriating traditions, commodifying bliss, taking whatever is best and most inspiring about a cherished, ancient form of human wisdom, packaging it, marketing the hell out of it, and selling it back to you for enormous profit—this is what we do. If Lulu’s sales are any indication, no one’s complaining.


jed whedon/maurissa – white christmas

I love them as a couple.  love them.  I want to be able to do shit like this with my significant other.  joke around, be incredibly talented, and incredibly cute.  it helps to be profane and offensive.  1:55 is absolutely beautiful.  (“favorite food songs” and “for felicia day” are awesome.  it doesn’t hurt that they are also beautiful)

Fullscreen capture 992011 61441 PM

Fullscreen capture 9142011 53013 PM

Fullscreen capture 9152011 81438 AM

tim v’s wedding– I am ALL ABOUT doing something unconventional.  and something involving a choreographed dance.   beautiful photography, btw.

Fullscreen capture 892011 93153 PM

trust me, I should know 🙂

misfits– CAN WE ALL DECIDE THAT THIS IS THE BEST SHOW EVER WHY IS NOBODY FUCKING WATCHING THIS?!?!?!?!?!  god.  at least I have nick to talk about this show with.

wired – can we prevent the next bubble– basically, economic bubbles are inescapable; investors will defy logic/facts as long as speculation/money can still be made in the market.  psychological effects beat logic any day.

serious eats – is mexican coke better?  takeaways:

  • people believe that they enjoy mexican coke more than american coke, but the truth is:
  • people enjoy the taste of american coke over mexican coke
  • people enjoy the feeling of glass-bottled coke over american coke

TC – 6 Things You Can Do While Waiting For Someone To Text You Back

6. Binge eat

Pretend an Oreo is a text message and just eat 60 of them. Every time you eat one, imagine it to be the most glorious text message response ever. Oreo # 1: “U R Beautiful and I would like to have sex with you!” Oreo # 2: “Would you like to come to this amazing party with me tonight? The Olsen Twins will be there!”

TC – The Things I No Longer Feel Anymore

I remember feeling like no one would ever hurt me—certainly not after we laid in bed together and circled each other’s stomachs with our fingertips, and ordered delivery food and made up inside jokes before we fell asleep! Why would anyone do that? You’re supposed to treat me with care after I’ve exposed all of my vulnerabilities to you. You’re supposed to protect me and make me feel good about people. I remember feeling this way, I remember being naive and trusting. I don’t feel that way anymore though.

I think this would be a nice “loss of innocence” prompt.

nice techno/house song?!  or something!?  the instrumental track is incredibly fun; 2:18 is a highlight.  courtesy tall patrick.  definitely the song of the week.


Neil Patrick Harris

ActuallyNPHNeil Patrick Harris

Things I Dig: Equinox gyms. Not cheap, but worth it. Best staff, hottest members, latest equipment. They make sweating sweet.

(can hottest members actually be a good reason to join a gym?!  glad we’re being straight here)

Warren Ellis

warrenellisWarren Ellis

by pattonoswalt

Bachmann: “if we burned sinners for energy, we could create 1.2 million new pre-Rapture jobs”

rob delaney

robdelaneyrob delaney

“What exquisite emotional armor you’re wearing!” is a good ice breaker at a party

rob delaney

robdelaneyrob delaney

“You’re god damn right I’m still gardening.” – Ralph Fiennes in “The Constant Gardener 2: Harvest of Truth”


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