i remember a popular prompt in middle school or whatnot was what we would want our obituary to say.  which i didn’t understand at the time, but now understand that it is a sneaky way of asking you what kind of person you want to be/what you respect in other people (and to some degree, what you find meaningful in life).  (sort of like how college essays are fake prompts where you need to write about metaphors for life or b-school essays are actually ways for you write about your leadership potential.)  anyway, here goes:

things i want to be remembered as:

  • a nice, solid guy who will do the right thing at least 95% of the time
  • a swiss army knife; that i could handle any situation (this is actually how bain describes SAC’s; always stuck with me)
  • competent, someone that people would trust to do things, someone that people could trust
  • genuine and considerate; cares for others; thoughtful
  • rational and has a clear decision making process
  • someone who enriched the lives of those around him
  • interesting; made the most of life and appreciated it to the fullest extent (to quote jigsaw: “those who do not appreciate life do not deserve life”)
  • not an asshole

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