relationship debrief – sean (4/11 to 7/11)

at the end of every relationship, i think it’s nice to reflect on things that you really enjoyed about the other person and things that the other person would have to agree to before you got back together with the other person.  which is only particularly relevant in this case, because part of me knows that i would say yes the moment he took me back.

things i will really miss about him.  

  • the twinkle in his eyes.  his mischievous, boyish smile.
  • how affectionate he was; how he made me feel special.  safe.
  • how he is basically like calvin from calvin in hobbes, but grown up.  incredibly playful.  the harry potter costume.
  • how he can be playfully really, really mean and vicious. like how he can tell a story of kicking a girl and making her cry into something hilarious.
  • his frustrated voice/ranting voice.  ridiculous stories.  or how he talks really fast when he is excited about something
  • how he would shake me when i was broken or playfully punch me
  • how he taught me to be comfortable with pda; how he was the first person who i wanted to have pda with
  • dancing with him on the dance floor at bootie
  • he is one of the most impressive people when it comes to social situations.  they never phased him, no matter who i threw at him, what situation i threw at him
  • that time when he brought me starbucks cookies.  when he left me a note in my jeans pocket.
  • how “we haven’t even talked about tv yet!!!!” etc.  easy to find things to talk about.  heard his coming out story the last time i saw him before we broke up.
  • i think he is super successful and super philanthropic, but i don’t think i really saw that side of him a lot

things that he must agree to before i would get back with him.

  • that relationships require work, that he believes in us and would be willing to put in an effort to make it happen, particularly with respect to conflict resolution and communication
  • that he would write better emails and actually respond to relevant things.  that he would stop texting during meals.
  • that he would be open about his emotions and not leave me in the dark
  • that he would do a better job managing my jealousy
  • that he would flake less and that his word would count for something (granted, he really only started flaking until after he was over me)
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