giants game and the domokun allstars

my friend, tall patrick, convinced me to go see a giants game in september.  it was likely that i could get my hands on 4 tickets.  so tall patrick and i would take up two seats, and there would be two seats free.  jokingly, they all explained why they should be the one to go.

naoko said that she should be allowed to go because she is the biggest giants fan and likes them a lot.

mitch said that he should go because he’s never been to a giants game but wants to check it out.

mark said that he would be able to talk about starcraft with me when the game gets boring (which would be… the entire game).

angeles said that she would help me befriend strangers.

it was a (quite funny) and really nice moment to cap off a really nice morning (running 9 miles through the rolling hills of san francisco and a brief jaunt in aquatic park and various playgrounds and parks).  i really like spending time with these guys and i’m really excited to do tough mudder with them.  i think they all bring something fun to the table and TOUGH MUDDER NORCAL 2011 should be fun, tough, and epic!!!!


and yeah.  awesome t-shirts designed by mars elliot.  he is awesome!!  printed by customink, which is also awesome.

(photo taken the day before the phone broke.  man, i will definitely miss the camera.)

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One thought on “giants game and the domokun allstars

  1. Patrick says:

    hahaha now that the Giants are out of contention, there’s good chance that it’ll be boring.

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