things i’m thankful for – september 5, 2011

there are so many things in life to be thankful for, and it’s so easy to forget them and just complain about things, when really, things could be going so much worse.

my body and the domokun allstars – we did a super long TMT (3 hours), and my body didn’t give out (for the most part) or get injured, which i am very thankful for.  additionally, the shirts look awesome, and i am super psyched for the event.  more importantly, the team gets along REALLY WELL for the most part, which is surprising given they’re more or less an assortment of random people i pulled together, some with fairly different personalities. tough mudder in TWO WEEKS.  i am glad that mitch has somewhat integrated himself in the group.

patrick and angeles – i always appreciate friends, but i was having a really rough day on monday.  and at first, i pushed everyone away, but then, that put me in a less emotionally grounded state.  luckily, patrick and angeles were, as they are always, good listeners and there for me to get excited with me, share in my stories, provide me with feedback and help, which i can appreciate, and really turned my day around from “GOD I JUST WANT TO LAY DOWN AND WATCH TV ALL DAY” to “OKAY, LET’S TAKE ON THE WORK WEEK”, which i think is pretty difficult.  sometimes you just really, really need a hug.

mike – being a platonic +1 to an event is always difficult.  for the inviter, you have to hold their hand, introduce them, make sure they’re having a good time over yourself.  being the +1 is also not terribly fun either; things are all new and you have to be down for everything, you have to be willing to put your best foot forward and sometimes pretend to enjoy things that are in fact spectacularly awkward.  anyway, i was going to this event for the first time, and despite me not knowing mike super well and him not really having any responsibility to do so, he still took me under his wing and showed me around and was a familiar face in the crowd, which can be the difference between leaving after 15 minutes and staying just long enough to meet someone and staying the whole night.

having means. now, i by no means make a significant amount of money compared to most of my friends, but after my phone broke, it’s really nice that i can drop however much money i want on a phone.  or in general, that accidents/shit happening won’t force me to take out a payday loan.

only 36% of people could cover a $1,000 emergency – because not having a portable phone/mp3 player/video player/internet browser/gps unit is an emergency.

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One thought on “things i’m thankful for – september 5, 2011

  1. Patrick says:

    🙂 you’re not such a bad platonic host/+1 yourself.

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