life dashboard – september 2011

where i determine what is important in my life, evaluate my performance/satisfaction in those spheres (graded out of 4), and set new goals for those items going forward.

relationship (30%; ♦)

What’s happening: I’ve since been going outside of my comfort zone and working at putting myself where I interact with more gay people, which has gotten easier as time goes on.  Had a very enjoyable, but ultimately heartbreaking relationship with Sean after 3 months.  Don’t forget Jared.

Goals: Spend, on average, at least 1 day per week with gay people, with over half of these interactions dates.

health (20%; ♦)

What’s happening: After recovering from the injury after Bay to Breakers, training has escalated prior to Tough Mudder Norcal 2011.  Despite not running the SF Half due to the funeral, I did meet my goal at Bay to Breakers (sub 8 minute pace).  TMT has been really fun and satisfying.

Goals: Complete Tough Mudder/Get the headband.  Continue training 4x week after TM.  Reach 10 reps in Divis Up or Shut Up.  Run a half marathon in under 1:45.  Finish a 5K in under 22 minutes.  Max number of pushups to 50 and max number of pullups to 15.  Run shirtless down the Embarcadero.

friendship (15%; ♦)

What’s happening: Since the epic bonding of Party Cat and subsequent drifting, I am somewhat back on the market (platonically), though I am less motivated/interested in friendships these days.  I think I am satisfied with where I am currently.

Goals: Continue to sustain my current friendships and develop new ones as necessary.  Don’t feel lonely.

job (15%; ♦)

What’s happening: Passed 5th test, though I am losing steam on the modules.  Study instead of Starcraft.  Sean bonding has been super great.

Goals: Reach the mid-way assessment by 2012.  Improve consulting/actuary skills.

happiness/purpose (10%; ♦)

What’s happening: I don’t know if I’ve just been keeping myself more busy, but been feeling a lot better, overall.   Save the heartbreak.

home life (5%; ♦)

What’s happening: Things at the house continue along quite well.

Goals: Plan a house dinner/gathering/party at least once a month.

family (5%; )

What’s happening: Relationship with mother has been rockier than usual.

Goals: Don’t make mom cry.


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